Modern Leaders
Other Dals
Great Saints

1. Akali Baba Binod Singh Nihang
2. Akali Baba Darbara Singh Nihang
3. Akali Nawab Kapur Singh Nihang
4. Akali Jassa Singh Ahuluwalia Nihang
5. Akali Naina Singh Nihang
6. Akali Phoola Singh Nihang
7. Akali Hanuman Singh Nihang
8. Akali Prahlad Singh Nihang
9. Akali Gian Singh Nihang
10. Akali Teja Singh Nihang
11. Akali Sahib Singh Kaladhari
12. Akali Chet Singh Nihang
13. Akali Santa Singh Nihang
14. Akali Surjit Singh Nihang and Akali Baba Joginder Singh Nihang

Previously the Akal Takht Jathedar was selected by the previous Jathedar. Now the SGPC a committee system created by the British Administration chooses the Jathedar. This is against the Sikh tradition. To the extent that the leader of the Panth, Joginder Singh Vedanti was 'sacked' by Parkash Singh Badal. This was unknown in Sikh history. This new lineage of leadership started at the time of 11. Akali Sahib Singh Kaladhari. This new leadership is not acknowledged as authentic by the Nihang Sikhs or other traditional Sikhs.

The SGPC has previously tried to interfere with the selection process of the Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa, in the form of one of its members: Balbir Singh. They have voted him in as the SGPC appointed Buddha Dal leader of the whole Nihang Singhs. The Nihang Sikhs do not acknowledge this and accept Akali baba Joginder Singh as the leader of the Khalsa Nihang Akali Dal (Army) and as a matter of fact, the traditional leader of all Sikhs.